Health Benefits of Lemon


Lemon has several health benefits associated with it. It is widely known for its usefulness in reducing strokes, lowering body temperature and treating kidney stones. Lemonade as a refreshing drink helps one in staying cool and calm. Lemon helps in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation indigestion, fever and improving teeth, hair and skin.

Dental Caredental care

In dental care, lemon is often used. When fresh lemon is applied on an aching tooth, it assists it getting rid of the pain. Gum bleeding can be stopped by massaging the juice on the gums. It also helps in eliminating of bad odor brought about by gum diseases and other conditions.

Hair Care

In wide scale, lemon is used in the treatment of hair care and has been proven to be very useful. It helps in treating problems especially when applied to the scalp. These problems include hair loss, dandruff and other problems related to the scalp and the hair. The hair is given a natural shine by applying the juice directly on the hair. It is cheap, and therefore low-class people can maintain their hair using it.

Skin Care

In addition to it being a natural antiseptic medicine, it helps in the curing of problems related to the skin. Applying the juice helps in reducing sunburns pains and pain resulting from being stung by bees. It helps in improving blackheads and wrinkles by giving one a tender and smooth face. Drinking a mixture of its drink mixed with honey and water brings the skin a healthy glow. If you thoroughly search the cosmetic shops, you will find soaps made of this juice through the soaps are rare.

Controls Blood Pressure

Lemon juice contains potassium and thus useful for people suffering from heartblood pressure problems. It controls nausea, dizziness and blood pressure by providing a calming sensation to both the body and the mind. It is commonly employed to aid in reducing depression and mental stress. The fact that it contains its own set of natural medications and antiseptic has brought a solution to many health-related problems. It also aids in the treating of malaria. To get maximum health benefits, eat a quarter of this powerful fruit daily. This will protect you from suffering from many health problems.

Boosts Brain Function

Lemons contain potassium which is in a great way responsible for improving one’s health and brain function. One experience enhanced feelings from the consumption, less brain fog and better mental performance. This increases happiness and productivity throughout the day. The potassium also increases metabolism, reduces stress, increases muscle strength and reduces anxiety.…

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